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COMMITTEE ONLY: Wed April 19, 2023 10am: Alcona County Library - Depot Committee Meeting




Jan 17, 2023: Lake State Railway Company Representatives were at the Harrisville Train Depot on Dock Street in Harrisville on Tuesday, January 17th at 1:pm to gift the historic depot and surrounding property to the Alcona Historical Society for the purpose of preservation.   Members of the Alcona Historical Society, Harrisville Depot Committee, local dignitaries, and community members were on hand to witness this long awaited benchmark in the depot's history. 


The historical landmark, built in 1901 from regionally sourced limestone, serviced Harrisville and the surrounding areas, carrying passengers, freight, and servicemen off to two World Wars.  Closed by the D&M in 1951, it has been shuttered and abandoned for almost 2/3rd's of its life. Quietly standing sentinel through the years while repeatedly being subjected to vandalism, abuse, and neglect.  Through it all, this quaint little building has retained its charm and elegance, just waiting for its time to shine.    


The Alcona Historical Society formed the Harrisville Depot Committee in the Summer of 2022 to facilitate this transfer of ownership and initialize steps leading to the depot's future preservation.  Notes Harrisville Depot Committee Co-Chair Becky Schroeder,  "As a building of noted historical significance, eye-catching architecture and interior charm, this building is well-deserving of preservation.   As soon as the ink is dry on the deed, the Harrisville Depot Committee will be working full steam on the enormous task of fundraising."


The goal of saving and restoring the Depot is to provide the Harrisville community with a historically significant structure serving as a multi-use community resource facility for education, community gathering, event and performance venue, historical education, railroad/Michigan heritage, Great Lakes Heritage and Arts resource serving Alcona County residents, students, seniors and visitors. 

  For more information or to support this effort contact the Harrisville Depot Committee @ 

Oct 1, 2022 The Alcona Historical Society meeting confirmed it serves as parent organization moving forward with the Depot project.



Railway Tracks


Alone we can do but little.  Together we can do much. 

Please won't you help in this effort? 

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